Raíces García

These pieces (digital collages of family portraits) were a pathway for me to open up and revisit family histories and memories, and learn about my own identity by learning about the strong Latina women within my own family.

Abuelita circa 1952

Familia Alvarez circa 1976

From left to right: Tía Maricela, Bisabuela Simonita, Tía Chuy, Tía Chuya, Abuelita, Tío Armando, Tío Polín

Familia Garcia Alvarez circa 1979

From left to right: Tía Maricela, Tía Chuya, Tía Mónica, Tío Polín

Behind: Tía Alma, Mi Papá, Tío Armando

Victoria García is a designer, artist, and dog mom from Atlanta, GA.

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