Mexicans in America

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is from Izucar de Matamoros, Mexico and she has lived in the United Stated for more than 20 years.

She arrived here through what most immigrants call, a coyote, a human smuggler migrants pay to get across the border. There are always risks when traveling with a coyote, ranging from getting caught by border patrol to coyotes who take advantage of migrants to even death.

Carolina had family members waiting for her across the border, and once she settled in the U.S., she was able to obtain a baby-sitting job.

“Antes era fácil ahorrar dinero y ayudar a mi mamá y mi papá, pero ahora cuando trabajas, el dinero solo dura un día,” Carolina said.

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is from Mexico City and he also migrated through a coyote, except he was alone and didn’t know anyone on the other side of the border.

Jorge has been living in the United States for 21 years, has 2 Mexican-American children, and is currently a concrete contractor.

He is proud to have a successful life with his kids, and have a home to raise them in.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Tanya Leyva has breathed and absorbed diversity. She infused all her work with what she sees and feels on a daily basis. The beauty in others, in their movement, in their clothing, and their stories has taught her to capture the essence of things and not their surface. She focuses on creative portraiture, experimental ideas and all the grey areas in between. Her Mexican-American upbringing by two Mexican immigrants has given her infinite drive and passion. Every accomplishment was possible because of them, she dedicates her life and career to both of them.

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