Do you pay contributors?

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to pay our contributors. As of now, each contributor receives a free print copy of the zine. We hope to compensate contributors in the near future.

If I am not Latina, can I still contribute?

Yes! All submissions for our zines are open to people who identify as women of color. We accept online submissions for our blog from Latinos and allies as well. Please email us for additional information and submit your pitch here.

Where does the money go towards?

Members of Mujeristas do not make profit off your artwork nor our zines. We are a nonprofit collective and everything we produce comes directly out of our pockets. We have never received any donations or funding from sponsors or organizations. We produce zines because we are extremely passionate about our mission of documenting Latinas’ historical stories. All money goes towards our expenses eg. printing, table fees, artist fees etc.

How can I become a member?

Thank you for wanting to be part of Mujeristas! Please contact us here indicating what position interests you, your skills/experience, your time availability, and where you are based. We are willing to work with people outside NY or the USA! Please email us a resume or short bio, and your social media handle/website.

Will you profile and/or promote my music, project, brand etc.?

Please send all information through our contact form and we will review it as soon as we can. Our time is limited so please make sure your work aligns with our mission. We are journalists, not PR.