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Wonderlust: This series is a visual essay of the embodiment of the term, wonderlust, or “the stage in a relationship or phase of love when you are not sure if you are lusting after or actually in love with someone.” The images attempt to convey the contemporary ideas of anonymous sexual connections, as well as question the borders between romantic and physical relationships.





ig: angievictoriagarcia

AMOR SIN BARRERA -Josefa Selena Leon

In one version, papi esta ahí.

In that version, mama rubs his feet before she eats.

She fries the beans and then serves them

con carne y arroz. I set the table. salsa verde.

limones. pico de gallo. tortillas. aguacate. It’s us.

Christmas mornings. Birth days. Wednesday nights.

That version becomes my version with Jay- where

not only do I love him, but he loves me too.

In this version I bring him breakfast and he says, no

one has ever brought him breakfast before.

I ask him about his day and massage his thighs—

sometimes with kisses. I wait for him to ask me.

Mama taught me how to love in Spanish— how to

roll my ‘r’s, so when I call him perro we fall in love

all over again.


Josefa Selena Leon / @jxsl.jpg

 CryBabe by Kathleen Elena Reyes / @misselenareyes

CryBabe by Kathleen Elena Reyes / @misselenareyes