Issue III: What Does “Mujerista” Mean to you?

Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, a Cuban activist-theologian, first coined “Mujerista” in 1996. Womanism inspired Isasi-Díaz to construct her own experiences where Latinas can relate by creating the very first Mujerista theology.

Mujeristas Collective is inspired by her grassroots ideology and in our third issue, we wish to explore the intrinsic and colorful relationship between Latina/xs and Mujerismo through visual and written work. Your identification and relationship with Mujerista ideology is open to interpretation and we encourage you to be creative with this theme.

Visual and written work accepted, please review submissions guidelines.

Submissions are open to women of color, check our FAQ.

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Subject title: Issue 3 Submission

Deadline: November 30 2018

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e.g. interviews, current events, reviews, academic research, poetry.

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e.g. music video, short documentary and/or film, reviews, travel video, conceptual art video.

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e.g. photo series, mixed media, photojournalism.

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e.g. podcast, spoken poetry, affirmation.

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