Deadline Extension: June 10, 2019

In Issue 4, Mujeristas Collective is returning to the core of Ada María Isasi-Díaz’s vision of mujerismo: liberation theology, a grassroots Christian movement that emphasizes action to achieve freedom from social, political, and economic oppression. The movement was developed by Latin American Roman Catholics in the 1950s and 1960s, as a moral response to the poverty and social injustice in the region. The Vatican criticized and actively undermined the movement.

Theologies of liberation have been developed and championed globally, such as those of Black liberation theology in the U.S. and South Africa; Palestinian liberation theology; and Minjung theology in South Korea. Liberation theology is not confined to a particular place, faith, or religion, and it continues to exist globally.

We are accepting submissions of artwork and writing that explore the entangled natures of politics and faith. You do not have to be religious or follow a certain religion to submit your work; submissions are open to all women of color and Latina women.

We realize the prompt is relatively broad, and this is purposeful. We would like to publish varied angles on this topic, whether they are personal, analytical, or critical in nature.

Example prompts: Do you see a future in religion as a means to liberation, and why or why not? Do you have an affinity for or connection to a particular religious figure? How do you see the connection between religious teachings and social realities? How does “the personal is political” apply to faith, in your eyes?



e.g. interviews, reviews, essays, poetry.

Format: Word.doc, Google doc.

Length: Print: 100-1500 words. Blog: 100-1800 words (exception: poetry). Please cite all sources.


e.g. music video, short documentary and/or film, reviews, travel video, conceptual art video.

Format: YouTube link, Vimeo link, .mov or .mp4


e.g. photo series, mixed media, photojournalism.

Format: High resolution .jpeg(s), and TIFF


e.g. podcast, spoken poetry, music.

Format: YouTube link, Vimeo link, Soundcloud or .mp3

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